My Leadership Skills For My Best Friend And Younger Cousin Lose Weight

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I naturally take the lead role in any task that I perform, in a very polite manner of course. I make an effort to help others transcend their own expectations, especially those who lack confidence. I enjoyed informing myself on future class subjects so I could know how to carry out experiments and projects the next day. Constantly showing my intelligence and social skills, I gained admiration and gave people the confidence to ask me for help.
My leadership skills were also recognized at Eden Hospital. I started volunteering in patient support early April and was given a set of tasks that should be performed. Once finished, I did extra things like passing around goodies to families and entertaining the patients with funny stories and jokes. My enthusiasm was recognized and was given the responsibility to train future volunteers for patient support. The head volunteer coordinators told me I was the best example they could possibly give to others.
Two years ago, I decided to start an exercise group to help my best friend and younger cousin lose weight. I knew that doing so would motivate them and provide them with support. After the first two months, other friends and family members became eager to join and soon became a group of eleven people. My great energy and motivation was also recognized. I am now considered the trainer. Everyone comes to me for advice on meal planning and exercise techniques.

I am extremely proud of my ability of influencing others to help the less…

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