My Laboratory Career Began After Completing Graduate Degree At The University Of Calgary

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Since the earliest traces of civilizations, humanity has made great progress considering the brief existence of modern human beings. Never before have we existed in a world as sophisticated and engineered to our needs as today; access to clean water, reliable sources of nourishment, shelter and security, healthcare and disease prevention. However, the importance of these needs can often be taken for granted when they do not impact us directly, which forces us to respond to them as they arise.

My laboratory career began shortly after completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary. Through my tenure, I developed efficient and traceable methods to perform daily tasks which improved standard operating procedures. Alongside the technical aspect of working in a laboratory, my mechanical expertise improved by operating and repairing various instruments. Being comfortable in a laboratory, it felt like I was only biding my time and could not help but think how to use my skill set towards something more impactful. With an abundance of issues in the modern world, there was an overwhelming feeling that I could not idly sit by and be content with my surroundings. Thus, my search began for a career that could combine my analytical skills with my desire to make a difference. Eventually, through a combination of self-reflection and personal travels, I stumbled across the field of public health. More specifically, epidemiology and how it relates to the health of a…

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