Seven Generation Theory Research Paper

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Since the dawn of human existence we have tried constantly to do one thing, understand and utilize nature for our natural competitive edge. WE have found ways to control many aspects of our existence over the years from the plants and animals we domesticate, to the mighty rivers we have dammed up for irrigation and power. At first humans worked in harmony with the natural cycles of the land, they used what they could and then moved on letting time replenish the lost resources. Today we are in a state of constant withdraw from our world. The global population has grown to such a significant number that the amount of resources needed to support this human population far exceeds the amount of resources the globe can produce. We are running out …show more content…
This theory is the idea that one should never effect the environment without thinking about seven generations down the road. They feel that seven generations is the time it takes from the earth to heal itself from the effects of the first. This is a theory that we must begin to consider when we talk about the future of the world. It is true that the world will go on for millions of years into the future, the question remains though, how long will humans be on that journey. With our current path we may not make it as far down that road as we may hope. Those of us that are alive today may not see the catastrophic consequences of our actions but the generations of our families down the line will feel the effects of the choices that we make today. With the acceptance of environmental laws, the understanding that we are at the center of this issue, and realizing the need to protect we can head down the right path and begin to make positive steps to the future stability of the planet. The strikes are piling up against us, but humans have overcome great challenges, and if we accept this as a challenge people will step up and take responsibility for our actions both in the past and heading into the

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