My Journey As A Writer

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When I walked into Mrs. Buckhold’s class the first day of the semester, I had the preconceived idea that I wouldn’t have to put much effort into the class, or that I didn’t have a significant amount to improve upon in my writing. On the contrary, the entire first semester of English Composition was a literary journey—a journey that helped me establish my voice as a writer and build upon the solid—but far from perfect—foundation I already had as an effective, persuasive writer. While my writing certainly has improved over the semester, I do hope that over the course of my lifetime, it becomes more and more refined through the accomplishment of my future writing goals.
In regards to my development as a writer this semester, I have amassed a wide variety of skills and acquired a considerable amount of knowledge. Through every paper I wrote and every assignment I completed, I gained what I would consider “life knowledge” that not only improved my writing but bettered me as a person. Starting with the first writing assignment, the “This I Believe” essay, I discovered that formal writing isn’t always the
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Not only was it enriching to write, it harbors a deep message that anyone who decided to read it would benefit from. The CNN Hero I chose, Dr. Daniel Ivankovich, demonstrates altruism in its purest form, and I believe everyone should endeavor to share some of the amazing qualities he possesses. Furthermore, I believe this paper to be superior to the other three thanks to the persuasive elements I added after completing the rough draft. Compared to the first three papers I wrote, the final one had more advanced vocabulary, a greater variety of sentence structures, and was simply more effective at proving my thesis that one person alone can have a huge impact on the world. It was truly an honor to write about an issue and hero so dear to my

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