My Internship At The University Of Saint Francis Essay

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My Internship at the University of Saint Francis consisted of me assisting the athletic department staff with any responsibilities from their corresponding jobs. In the athletic department, I was under the supervision of Mitch Ellisen who is the Associate Athletic Director and the Head Men 's Soccer. My responsibilities included:
• Helping with scheduling, budget, and maintaining of the soccer program.
• Maintaining equipment.
• Working on marketing and promoting the soccer program and its events
• In charge of the set up for home games
• To assist Luke Cummings the assistant athletic director, marketing and promotions with the Cougar Club.
In this season I had to help with rescheduling some games because the team what we went against couldn’t play on the day that we had on the calendar because some of their games were rescheduled due to rain that team was Indiana Teach. We didn’t have any other option, but to play our game on a Sunday. We thought that if we put that game on a Sunday then we would not have any problems on playing our Conference game on Saturday. Our idea was to play first the game that matters the most, and then play the next day the other game. We thought to play the game against Indiana Tech on Friday, but that would have affected our conference game on Saturday, which was the reason that we played the game on Sunday. Also this season I helped with scheduling games for the spring mini season in 2017. Basically, my job was to…

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