Essay on My I Had A Hard Childhood

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When I was young I had a hard childhood, I was placed into 4 different schools when I was about five years old. And I had a hard time adapting to those schools until I settled in R.H Dana. I learned and knew how to read since I was three, but as I got older I started learning how to write, and I had time a difficult time on how to be an efficient writer. I wasn’t placed into regular math and English classes until I was In the 8th grade, and since then I was starting to get discouraged ever since I first started to read and write during that time.
When I first started high school, I was ready to take a big step into my education, but that’s when I also started learn how to read and write more and more than I have in middle school. I was taking other classes such as college and career, which was really tough for me because the instructions on every single assignment were very long and very tiring. Other classes I took was history, had helped me learn and remember from the different eras of time and from other countries, and ever since I learned history, I have been fascinated by the subject and learning it has made me feel amazed not only the history, but of the information it contains because I have always wondered of what happened way before I was born. During my sophomore of high school, I had to write a memory book, based on what I have done ever since childhood and write about what I have done specifically. The books I have found interesting to read are Lord of the…

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