My Heritage In Nigeria

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Heritage to me is simply defined as qualities and values that have been passed down from previous generations. My heritage is something I am very passionate about and I feel as though everyone should know and understand their heritage in order to help them grow as a person because that is very important. I believe my personal heritage has allowed me prioritize my values and has influenced many of my decisions today as it has made me who I am. My personal heritage has also influenced various decisions I have made concerning my personal, academic and professional goals.
I was born in Lagos, Nigeria into a family of 3 children and parents who are still married. I have two elder siblings, a boy and a girl and I am the last child. Nigeria is one
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These are the most common careers Nigerians often venture into. My choice in studying accounting was influenced by the fact that both my parents are business minded people. Both my parents earned a BSc in business courses and got their masters in finance. They now run an oil business in Nigeria called Techno Oil which has been in existence for over 15 years and is now favorable in terms of revenue. With this in mind, I made a choice of going into business as well. My goal is to become a CPA and to work for one the top four accounting firms. Right now, I am sophomore and I plan earning my BSc in accounting in the next two years.
In conclusion, coming from one of the most culturally diverse nations, I believe my personal heritage has enhanced me in becoming an open minded person who is hard working and is open to learning new things. It has helped me understand myself better and helped me understand how to better my communication skills with people outside my culture due to various experiences I have had over the years. I believe my lusty ability to get work done will immensely rub off on those around me. With my background and experience I believe I will be able to conduct myself and understand others in a diverse

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