My Heart Was Racing As Rattling Chains Came Closer And Closer

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My heart was racing as rattling chains came closer and closer. The creature flew across my vision, right behind the wooden fence. What is happening? I thought to myself. It was as if a mad scientist’s monster had broken free and was going to break through the barrier between us any second. White daggers shone through the slits in the fence and were replaced by a dark mass the next second. Its sounds were unlike anything I’ve ever heard before; deep, explosive cries and long wails echoed across the open neighborhood. But in that moment, it felt like I was trapped, confined. A sign hung next to my head that read “BEWARE OF DOG”. I thought to myself, this is a dog? This ferocious beast was supposed to be the sweet, family-friendly, cuddling animal that I’ve heard so many good things about? It was supposed to be the dog that I owned, cute, peaceful, and small, that laid quietly and comfortably? I then ran back to my house trying to make sense of what a dog is supposed to be. When I was about 8 years old, my mother and I went to a kennel to adopt a new dog after our old one died. He was the quietest one we saw, and we decided he would be best for what everyone in the house wanted, including me. As we drove home with him in the car, I noticed he started to whimper and cry, drooling all over the place, all over me, in the process. He was seated right beside me and started walking all over, nails digging into my skin as he jumped on and off of my lap. I told my mom, “hurry up!” to…

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