My Greatest Failure Essay

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My greatest failure : A case study in leadership

As there are many cultural differences in the world, working all together can sometime be problematic. Through a medical approach, we have discovered some symptoms that illustrate this fact in the case we are meant to study : The french workers were reluctant to work with a German manager : “The french were not particularly in favor of Bernard's appointment (they would have preferred a french man)” p.74 Three resignation in eight months under Mr. Bernard's supervision. “Three employees have resigned from the company during this period” p.74 A letter to Mr. Warner, the President General Director, from
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The issues among the company would remain the same and might even get worse in the future as the employees might resign under Mr. Bernard's supervision. A smarter alternative would be that Mr. Bernard adapt to the french way of managing : he would then more be able to reach the employees. Maybe he could have had a better training before entering the company and so know what he was getting into, maybe even receive advice from Mr. Abel. Another alternative would be hiring a french manager : he would then more correspond to the employees expectations as they were supervised by a french manager in the past. A french manager would have more been able to lead a french crew in a more efficient way since they share the same culture and expectations from management. The employees could also adapt themselves to a new manager, especially if more responsibilities are involved. Their job tasks remained the same, the only difference was that the boss didn't interact with its personnel the same way and that he would leave some decisions to the workers.

We are now going to evaluate the alternatives :

Doing Nothing Pros : | Cons : | - The connexion between France and Germany is greater. - No change in Mr. Bernard's

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