My Greatest Failure Case Study Essay

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The major symptom is the experience differences between Mr. Abel and Dr. Bernard.
Mr. Abel is based on his detailed knowledge of business, his past experiences about problem solving and his paternalistic actions in managing the company whereas Dr. Bernard is mostly based on his educational knowledge, intellectual reflection and cooperation between the employees.

Moreover, the age difference between Mr. Abel and Dr. Bernhard is very significant. Mr. Abel has no real educational background; he has been working in Media AG for almost his entire career and was involved in different positions, which allowed him to climb in the company hierarchy. On the other hand, Dr. Bernard is much younger and managed to obtain a Master Degree in
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The one that were here for a while and who knows how the company was managed before the arrival of Dr. Bernard. Those employees seem to be the most qualified for this position. In order to keep the situation of the company safe, they should have chosen a manager with the same way of working than Mr. Abel. When Mr. Abel was the manager, employees have learned a special way of working and they got used to do it this way. That is why it would have been better to choose and to train an employee who knows the “Abel’s way of working”. What is interesting with it is that if this is done, maybe the company would really have been managed better and employees would not have left. The way they were managed before was how the company was at its best. The issue with this solution is that not only do you need someone with the competencies for the job but also you cannot take any employee with no experience whatsoever and just train him to become a manager.

Another solution might be that Dr. Bernard should have had a training session with Mr. Abel so that he could have known the “Abel way of managing” Dr. Bernard comes from a famous school where he learned a lot of things but those are only theoretical and by that he does not have this operational way of thinking. In that case it is hard to become a manager because all of the employees got used to Mr. Abel directions. The thing is that by having a training session and some discussions with Mr. Abel,

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