Helen Keller: A Short Story

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Life! Said Helen Keller, is short, unpredictable and full of challenges. If you’ve ever faced a challenge that seemed impossible to surmount you’re not alone. What’s your greatest challenge?
When I was growing up my greatest challenge was how to pass my end of term exams. I set the family record of the perennial school failure. Nine siblings, fifteen nephews and nieces! One generation later! This record is yet to be challenged. I remember the pain and embarrassment that would visit my poor soul every end of school term. I would receive my report form what I considered a messenger of misery and quickly recede to a dark corner. Open my report form hopping for a miracle! Failed again!
Have you ever failed? Got up and failed again? I want you to
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Every time you engage in any activity that is not the best use of your time, every time you punch below your weight and avoid challenging situations you are stealing from yourself. Sometimes external pressure is necessary to jolt us into finding our groove. Nat King Cole was the darling of television audiences in London, Paris and New York. When Nat sang the birds stopped chirping, the trees swayed in harmony. Everyone gathered around to hear his smooth melodious baritone voice. However, Nat King Cole was not originally a singer. He was a second rate jazz pianist that plied his trade in the dim lit smoky bars of down town Los Angeles. So what happened to transform this ordinary pianist into one of the most sought after jazz singers across America and Europe? Coercion. Nat King Cole was coerced to sing on an evening as ordinary as any …show more content…
It took four Dr. Albert Shweitzer four completely contrasting lives to discover his purpose. He started off as a doctor of Philosophy and authored many learned books. In a second life he studied theology and earned a doctorate later becoming the curate of St. Nicholas Church. For the love of music he studied and mastered it earning a doctorate degree in it. He went on to become one of the greatest concert organists of all time. Having achieved fame in his life of music Dr. Shweitzer still had a nagging notion that this was not all. He began to study to be a physician and a surgeon. He gave up his life of fame and acclaim as a star organists to begin a fourth and totally different life in the jungles of Africa. He built his hospital in Lamborene and there finally discovered his divine assignment. He found the divine greatness of a life based on the eternal lesson “It is more blessed to give than to

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