My God Look At An Animal Right Essay

1064 Words Nov 27th, 2016 5 Pages
“Oh my God look at that,” Sarah exclaimed before running right into the leaf pile May landed in, causing leaves to fly in the air and land all around the two girls.
Sarah was intently inspecting a bush with leaves as big as her face when she heard a crunching sound in the distance. All she could see was the line of endless trees with dark brown bark that almost blended in with the black of the night. “I mean it’s probably an animal right,” Sarah questioned with a skeptical look and one foot already stepping in the other direction. Squinting toward the direction of the noise, Sarah could barely see through the thick black shroud that night put over the forest. Another crunch happened, this time closer to the girls. “I would rather not find out actually,” Sarah said grabbing May’s arm and briskly walking in the opposite direction. The rustling seemed to be following them, always a step behind in a bush or behind a tree. They started running, not caring about getting to the beach. Sarah started sprinting, her heart racing, just trying to get away from whatever was following them. She turned around and May was gone. “Fuck,” May whispered furiously, trying to get back on her feet after tripping over seemingly nothing and ripping a hole in her pants. Sarah was nowhere to be seen, and so was the rustling noise. Taking stock of her surroundings, everything looked the same. The trees blended in with their surroundings, bushes were all around, and there were now leaves in her…

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