My Goals Of Biomedical Science

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Register to read the introduction… One of them was in our lab at school, the teacher divided us into 5 groups to participate in an experiment. It was a self-experiment and a competition between the groups, the topic was fermentation. After approximately 20 minutes one of the groups finished their experiment and it had turned out pretty good! The experiment itself was a bit hard to do because it was our first exposure to such situation and was our first self-experiment. I hate giving up so I made up my mind and distributed the tasks on use since I was the leader. We tried our best to finish it and after a lot of hard work it was finally completed. And we ended up in the third place between the groups, I was not satisfied but I accepted the fact that it was a good place since we were beginners and our first attempt at an experiment. What I went through taught me a lot, and helped me to gain confidents in myself. It also improved my communication skills and my leadership abilities, I also benefitted in conducting experiments in the lab, and specifically in biology. I had sincerely enjoyed doing it. My turning point was this moment because up until that point I had wanted to be a doctor but, I changed my mind. I set myself a goal and asserted that I would do everything in my power to pursue

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