Narrative Essay On A Breezy Chicago Game

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On a breezy chicago early May Day in my junior year baseball season I was faced with a challenge that changed the whole way that I take on life. I was the starting shortstops for the varsity team at my high school team. I had this swagger about me that I was the starter and no one could take that from me. So I didn't put in any effort because I thought that I didn't need to. Well my life got flipped upside down on this breezy Chicago day.

It starts that morning I arrive at school at 7:15 for my first class at 7:30 I drag my half asleep body into the room and pry my eyes open to read the agenda for my ap us history class that was on the board. The first thing I read that morning was pop quiz on all 26 amendments. I think to myself great
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Also I was ergeing to get out there because I knew we had a good chance of winning today we played an awful Elk Grove team that was actually worse than we were. Finally the 2:45 bell time to go play the game I love. I raced out of the school parking lot, down central road, to owl drive, finally at the field my happy place. I get to the field race into the dug out look up at the lineup card for the game to only find my name -the starting shortstop the everyday guy hitting 2 for the team everyday all year- on the bench. Our coach decided for this big conference game he was going to give the starting job to my backup who couldn't field the ball if his glove was two miles wide. I was outraged I stormed back to my bag threw it on the ground and then proceed to go pout in the outfield while the other infielders took infield practice. The game went by with balls getting peppered right at my replacement I couldn't help but want him to make an error every time he got the ball hit his way but that didn't happen. We ended up losing 7-2 not because of the backup shortstops game but we still oust a game where we actually

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