Essay about My Goals For A Human Service Professional

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Of all the topics that we have reviewed in these two textbooks, I have selected the following three items as things that I feel will be of most important to me as a Human Service professional: (1) goals, values, and guiding, (2) social attitudes, and (3) motivational interviewing. (1) Goals, Values and guiding - When I think of goals - I look at my own goals in life and how I have come about setting and achieving them. Although, my goals are mine, often I have required the assistance of other 's when trying to accomplish them. I believe that once we have identify his/her (the client 's) goal/s then I, as a Human Service professional, will be more apt to assist him/her in meeting their goal . The impact that goals, values, and guiding will have on me, as a Human Service professional, is that I need to remember that goals are often met in different manners; depending on the individual/s attitude and abilities. That the goals are not my goals - that the goals belong to the client. I need to always allow my client to self-determine their own values and to embrace what might be the best method/s for meeting their goal/s, while offering them options, encouragement, and allowing them to optimize their own capacity to grow, learn, and recover, (Pratt, C & Gill, K (2014) at their own pace. Allowing the individual to feel in control is a form of insurance for the human service professional and could play a major role and/or impact the service/s you are able to provide…

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