My Goal Of A Master 's Degree Essay

1011 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
In short, yes I have—many were made recently and more are coming soon. I refuse to continue living where I’m now; I’m preparing to apply for a dorm for upcoming semester and rent out the house I’m currently residing in. I also intend to kick my horrible mother off my land and into her own house that she owns out in the country due to the fact I wish to sell the RV I’m allowing her to live. It has reached the breaking point for me: I cannot continue to live in a place where all the people who should be helping and genuinely caring are abusing me verbally and psychologically. If I’m going to be able to continue to work towards my goal of a master’s degree in fine arts with an emphasis in graphic design/new media arts, I need to move into a dorm or attempt to participate online courses while I live with my best friend and her parents in Louisiana.
These choices could dramatically alter my future and my ability to visit my little half-brother and half-sister. Disownment, abuse, and monetary issues are the three major issues that are active presently that are hindering my ability to concentrate on my homework, ability to sleep, and my health. I’m sick and tired of being “treated [as if I were] less than infertile dirt… [and] that a 6 month old, untrained, pit bull, puppy is more intelligent and smart than I.”
Only thing is that all of those are prominent for the “now,” not decisions that are older than a year and altered my life, typically, horribly—positive changes were…

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