Tim Tebow Persuasive Speech

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Tim Tebow says that we don't have to be big celebrities to be able to impact people with the life-changing message of God.

He does not actively play NFL these days, but continues to inspire people to reach out and touch many lives through motivational speeches and charities.

Christians often doubt if they will be able to reach out to people with the love of God, but Tebow urged believers to venture out and rely on God.

While speaking at an audience of 2,000 at Northside Christian Church, he urged the crowd not to think they can't do anything.

"You might think, 'I'm not a role model. There aren't these people that are looking up to me. And my response to that is: There is probably someone who is looking up to you. ... There is someone that
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"He said, 'During that game, did you realize that 94 million people googled John 3:16?' " Tebow said as the audience applauded. "And honestly my first thought was, 'How in the heck do 94 million people not know John 3:16? ... What a big God that we serve. I'm out playing a silly game, and I put these things under my eyes and it's amazing what God can do."

While playing, he would also do his prayers in public, (without bothering about what people would think), and that became a sensation known as "tebowing."

He reiterated a similar message when he was speaking at Mount Dora Christian Academy Children's Home.

"You might think, 'How can I really make that much difference?'" he said, according to Daily Commercial. "I don't have that much money, I don't have that much fame, I don't have that much power."

He said, for people who don't have a sports or a celebrity background, can also do amazing things of God.

"You give what you can and watch what God does with it. You can be part of that team because you are qualified. You have a talent. You have a resource. The question is, 'What are you going to do with

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