Essay about My Goal As An Early Childhood Education

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In early childhood education, there is a need for focus on students and their growth; social, emotional, spiritual and physical. My goal as an early childhood educator is to meet the child’s needs in these areas and extend their development. To facilitate this, it is necessary to provide a purposeful environment, recognise learners and how they learn, as well as conduct sufficient planning and support.

Children have a natural curiosity and desire to explore their environment and as such, I will support and scaffold their learning experiences to cater for these motivators. The theory of constructivism acknowledges that children are active participants in their learning and that ‘learning by doing’ allows children to meet their want of playing and exploring their surroundings. Within the early childhood educational setting, I will create an environment that sustains the child’s learning through exploration merged with curriculum outcomes. This environment should reflect the children’s interests and evolve as their interests do. Therefore I will:
• Provide resources that stimulate inquiry and exploration through an integrated curriculum. The resources should match the children’s interests, which are drawn from observing the children.
• Encourage problem solving which will extend the children’s thinking and perspective, assisting them in their zone of proximal development.
• Offer indoor and outdoor experiences that stimulate teachable moments.
• Provide activities that…

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