Essay about My Goal As A Healthier Life Style

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My goal is probably not one that most people would set for themselves. Most people set their goals in terms of their education, career, and family. My goal is to lead a healthier life style because I’ve gotten tired living with obesity and being unhealthy. At the age of 15, my doctor officially diagnosed me as an obese child. Being overweight did not affect me personally while I was in Elementary and in Middle School. When I moved to be in High school, however, I began to feel social pressure to drop my excess weight, the sooner, the better.
The mirror can be your friend or your enemy. I considered it my worst enemy because I had to look at something I feared: I had to face myself at my worst physical shape. I had what was called "man boobies": they were the worst part of being overweight, followed by my chubby face. Sometimes I would even wear several layers of clothes to cover my extra fat, even if the weather was hot. That is how much I hated my body. Now, I live in a world that favors the slim, athletic body. That world today did not help, instead that world made me feel unpleasant feelings such as anger towards myself and jealousy towards others who were in better shape than I was. Brained-washed by television and magazines to look in a certain way, I felt I was not worth looking at or even worth loving. I wanted to be someone else: a thin, good looking man. Most people have an ideal image of men as slim and athletic. I felt so pressured for being different that I…

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