My Friend Essay

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My friend
Every person needs a friend. Friends are very important in our life. I think you cannot live without friends. A friend is a person who always there for you. Your close friend or best friend is a person whom you can trust with everything no matter what happens. Your true friend is always ready to help you. To support you if you do something wrong and to solve problems together with you. They say that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. I think it is really so. A friend is someone whom you can call ten years after no calling at all and he or she will be gald to hear you.
You probably already guessed that I want to tell you about my friend. Her name is Dasha. We became acquainted with each other at the entrance examinations. We
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Another good feature of her character, she is very kind-hearted and sympathetic. She is always ready to help people around her. Dasha is quiet, gentle, and well-bred. But at the same time she is very funny and has good sence of humour. She knows a lot of jokes and funny interesting stories. Dasha is the most wonderful person in the world. She thinks everything will be all right. She is always cheerful, energetic and full of life.
Dasha is very attentive to me. I can always count on her help. And usually I don’t have to say that something is wrong, she can see it in my eyes. We spend much time together- go for a walk discussing all sorts of things, go ti the gym, go to concerts, cinemas, do shopping together, watch videos or listen to the music and chat, chat, chat. We have very much in common so we quarrel very seldom, just no reason for it.
Dasha has some weak points-drawbacks. She can be very stubborn sometimes. But still she is very pleasant to deal with. You know, I miss her very often. She married and become a mother. Now she is far away from me. We have not seen for a long time, but we do not stop our communication. She got everything she wanted, a son and a caring husband, whom she loves a nd who loves her. I’m sure that she is an ideal wife and a caring mother. She said that she is the happiest person in the world. And I wish her all the best. I am happy to have such a friend as Dasha. I am sure we’ll be friends

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