My Friend Named Tao Chen Who Is The Manager Of The Financial Department Of A Company

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1. I surveyed two people. One of them is my friend named Tao Chen who is a member in the university’s drama club and the other is my uncle who is the manager of the financial department of a company. There are some differences between their groups. The drama club is more of a social group than a secondary group. It is formed for people who love drama and acting to enjoy the activities. The financial department is a secondary group that is formed to accomplish a specific task or goal and it is formed to deal with financial issues in the company. For example, the drama club is relatively informal compared to the financial department. There are more and stricter norms in the financial department than in the dram club. For example, Tao said that the atmosphere in the club was light and members could wear their own clothes. By contrast, my uncle said that employees were required to dress formal clothes in the company. As for the similarities, both of their groups are in the reinforcement phase in which members hold a positive attitude toward the group.

2. Norms should be set when the group is first formed. Norms are about implicit standards and expectations in the group and they can influence how group members communicate and behave. Setting norms is beneficial for group cohesion when the group is loose at first. In addition, at first, group members are unfamiliar with each other and it is easier to enforce these norms. There are several sources of norms. The first source is…

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