My Job Or My Values Case Study: Community Bakery

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My Job or My Values Case Study
Stacey Garrison began her job at the Community Bakery in February of 2012. She was hired during a very competitive time when you had to have a connection to get a job. In June of 2013, Garrison was promoted to baker. Around this time, the bakery started having serious hiring issues and would accept almost anyone. As a result, the owners began to doubt their staff and not trust them. Garrison was now one of the employees who had been at the bakery for a long time so the owners began to rely on her as a baker to get everything done. The situation only got worse, the staff had been clearly divided into two groups separated by if you were liked by the owners or if you were not. If you were liked, you would get special
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The leaders give this group, which is called the in-group, more time and attention in the hope that the employees will have higher performance. The in-group members are compatible with the personalities of the leaders and trust one another while the out-group members have formal relationships with the leaders. Members of the in-group try to maintain their relationships with their leader in order to stay apart of the in-group, which often is difficult when the leaders force the employees to choose between their group status and what is right. In the “My Job or My Values” case, Stacey Garrison is a member of the in-group. She is challenged to maintain her relationship with the leader or to do what she believes is morally right. She does not want to lose the trust she has built with her boss but her status at the bakery is related to her position in the in-group. This conflict for Garrison is a success for the leader because they have created a relationship with Garrison using the LMX that makes Garrison want to be loyal to the …show more content…
She would lose her trusted status with the owns and the nice income she had grown to be used to receiving. Also, if she does this she doesn’t help out Alex in any way, so she would be avoiding the issue.

2. Garrison can keep quiet
Explanation: Garrison can choose the easy route and not say anything about the managers unfairness.
Pros: The pros of keeping quiet would be keeping the peace and not changing anything.
Cons: The cons of choosing to keep quiet would be going against Garrison’s values, not helping Alex and everyone else treated unfairly, and making the problem continue. 3. Garrison can stand up to the manager
Explanation: Since Garrison has a long, trusted relationship with the managers, she could potentially stand up to them with a good chance of making an impact.
Pros: The pros of standing up to the managers would be helping Alex keep his job, fixing the corruption in the company, making the unfairness of the managers known to them, and Garrison lining up her morals with what she believes in.
Cons: The con of standing up to the managers would be potentially losing her trust with them. After working there for a while, she has grown a relationship with the two of them, standing up to them could distort this

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