Essay about My Friend For The New Republic

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In 2013 Gwen Baer met her best friend for the first time in person. They had never met before, but when they saw each other they instantly ran to each other and hugged and squealed happily. This is because for two and a half years they communicated online, on the phone, and through various social media sites. They were as close as friends that had lived next door to each other, yet the most they met was on the internet. Kyle Chayka in his op-ed for The New Republic makes an argument that in our age of social technology that people should lighten up to the idea of online intimacy. In the age of Skype, Facebook, Tumblr and countless other sites, talking online has become nothing besides a common activity. So why is it that whenever someone claims they have a best friend they 've never met online we shrug it off as not a "real friendship"? As social media sites become a part of our lives, online friendships need to be viewed in a positive manner.
Chayka makes reference to the immense growth of social media sites. In 2007 social media juggernaut Facebook had under a million users but by 2012 just five years later, it had over a billion users. Currently, Twitter is quickly catching up, with approximately 883 million users. This as well as the rise of dozens of other sites proves that this is truly the age of social media. People interacting online has become a common practice, with an average 100,000 tweets sent per minute. With countless options available of communication, it…

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