My Freshman Year Of High School

When I first began my college search my freshman year of high school I knew exactly where I wanted to go; Purdue University. There was not the smallest shadow of doubt in my mind that I would one day be a Boilermaker. By the end of my freshman year of high school I had visited the campus multiple times and had stayed one week for a 4H conference and another week for Purdue’s swim camp. I was aware of Purdue’s well-known veterinary medicine and engineering programs. I figured since I wasn’t very good at math and I liked animals, that one day becoming a vet would be a good fit for me. All of my well thought Purdue plans were changed when I began my sophomore year and took an accelerated history class taught by young teacher by the name of Lacy Hawkins. Up until this point, I had simply tolerated history, much preferring English or Reading. My middle school history classes always seemed to be taught by older and more boring teachers. It was never a subject that seemed relatable or fun until I stepped foot in her class. She knew how to make history not only relatable, but fun. From the games to the outside reading sources she gave us I was absolutely hooked. I started asking her for additional reading recommendations and my love for history grew. I later visited Purdue again my sophomore year and confessed to my mom that I wasn’t that crazy about science. Her advice to me was to follow my heart. I expressed my concern that my heart told me to study history, but my head said

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