Reflection Of Big History

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Now that we are at the end of the Spring 2016 semester, it is time to reflect on the History Department’s exciting year. I don’t normally like to turn my back on people, but I wanted to model the History Student Association’s new t-shirt. Not only do I like the shirt, I believe that our students came up with a wonderful way of describing what it is that we as historians do and are. We are scholars who are “in-betweeners.” “Our minds are in the past, our bodies in the present, and our aspirations in the future.”
“Our minds are in the past.” But our past is infinitely large, especially when you consider the work Jonathan Markley has done to popularize “Big History,” that starts out with the “big bang.” Our students and faculty study various
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Our public historians have been especially involved in projects that work across generations like those of Drs. Margie Brown-Coronel and Natalie Fousekis, which are exploring Latinas “taking a stand” and other women who have been and continue to be inspiring activists for political change beneficial to women in our region. History changes, often dramatically, almost every day. Our work is not simply about memorizing facts from the past. Rather, we are about interacting with students, not only to help them fulfill their goals, but to bring our collective work together in the community to make this a better place to …show more content…
After receiving his Ph.D. from Wayne State University in 1963, Carmon Hardy joined the History Department as a full-time tenure-track faculty member in 1966, retired as a Full Professor in 1998, and has continued to teach for us as a lecturer until he retired again this summer. In his long career at CSUF, Professor Hardy served as History Department Chair from 1969-1972 and published six books and document collections. His publishing career also included multiple articles including two which won best article awards. Carmon Hardy was always an extremely dedicated teacher and won several Department and University awards for his work teaching and mentoring students. Susanne “Susie” Gaskins has been associated with the History Department since the early 1980s. After receiving her BA and MA from CSUF, she earned her Ph.D. from UC Riverside then rejoined us as a lecturer in History in 1990. She has mentored countless students, who have especially enjoyed her classes in World War II and historical methods. Finally, I would like to thank and say goodbye to Lynne Azar, who worked in the Department office for seven years, most recently as Graduate Coordinator, among other tasks. Her caring work helped make the MA experience a better one for our students. Thanks to dedicated professors like Carmon and Susie and

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