Personal Narrative: Personal Experience

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Freshman year I began my journey here at Seton Hall as a student-athlete by being introduced to a new group of girls that I would spend almost every waking second with. My roommate was my fellow freshman teammate, Allison (I’ve changed her name), whom I’ve never met prior to school starting. Due to us spending so much time together, adjusting to living with another person became easy. Allison and I became friends, communicated well with each other, and rarely had any problems. Then about mid-way through the semester I noticed multiple items of mine were missing. A couple of shirts and a few sweaters of mine were in Allison’s open ottoman. I confronted her about the situation and asked how she got my clothing. She told me a friend of hers, Dani, was in our room, asked to borrow clothes, mistakenly took mine and Allison just did not know how to tell me. After a couple of days of thinking, I still was not happy with certain details of her story and I did not like that …show more content…
I was extremely disappointed that my teammate thought she could take advantage of me. I felt betrayed and stood confused about how I should handle the situation. With this dilemma I had to decide not only what was best for Allison and myself; but what was best for my entire team. I did not want to retaliate and do something that was out of line just because she acted unjustly towards me. If I filed a report there was a chance this would end up on Allison’s record. If I told my coach there was a chance she could be kicked off the team; which would hurt all of my teammates and potentially hurt how we all played throughout the season without her. Then at the same time, I somewhat wanted Allison off the team because I felt uncomfortable around her and did not want to risk this happening to another teammate of

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