My For My Success By Managing My Writing Process Essay

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The key to my success, in managing my writing process, is through organization and preparation. Through the objective of practicing ways to plan and organize material in written compositions, I have excelled in developing my writing process. When writing I have developed somewhat of a routine. This routine usually begins with reading the assignment’s rubric given to me through my professor. Then, based on the assignment, I then tend to research what is needed in order to execute it. Next, when all necessary information is gather, I use my resources at hand to form my own personal rubric based off the one my professor has supplied. This rubric is my own key to success. From there, I combine my rubric with the information to formulate a rough outline of my paper. Lastly, when all this is done, I begin to execute the assignment at hand. I find this process to be incredibly helpful, in fact I am using it as I write this paper. It not only allows me to stay on track and focused, but it sets me up so I achieve all necessary objectives of the paper. I believe the way that I organize myself when it comes to my writing is one of the biggest factors of success within my First Year Writing Course.
Reading and thinking critical is essential in understanding both class texts and assignments. In fact, without being able to do so, one cannot fully achieve what is the purpose of the class. Therefore, these skills are pivotal accomplish within the course, although there is not only one way…

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