My Fondest Memories Of My Memories Essay

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As I sat in the hospital watching her slip away, I thought of my fondest memories of my Nana, Vivian Johnson Rauls. She was a southern belle from Fort Worth, Texas. A black girl who went to college at the age of 15 and came up during the depression. She had long fingernails with the nail beds painted a rosy pink. She left the tips white – something I never understood but would help her do. She liked loafer shaped pumps with chunky, square heels and always got her hair done in a roller set full of ringlets. My brother and I were three and four years old when she came to get us. My parents’ marriage had imploded. Both of them, caught up in the aftereffects, were too afflicted by addiction to parent small children. As a result, we were staying with our great grandmother, Mama Freddie. She was in her 70’s and in the beginning stages of Alzheimer 's disease. Our neighbor at the time, who was a good family friend, called Nana to tell her to check on Freddie Mae. The next day, she showed up. She came through the door in a blue Seahawks sweat-suit. “Come on Mama. Y’all are coming to stay with me,” she said. That night, I slept with her in her bed. Mama Freddie and my brother were in the next room. The shadows from the trees danced across walls and frightened me. I curled up into her chest, and she wrapped her arms around me. It was the first time I remember being comforted. I wonder now what she must have been thinking. There she was caring for a husband disabled by a stroke, an…

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