My First Year Of Middle School Essay

1856 Words Sep 27th, 2016 8 Pages
As I entered the second semester of my second year of middle school I didn 't feel a sense of belonging and I couldn 't understand why. Was it because I am too friendly? Maybe it is because I’m a girl? Was I flat out weird? What was so wrong with me that I couldn 't fit into crowds of people who supposedly had similar interest as me? It wasn 't always isolation and lack of socialization. I was always the talkative girl in class who was surrounded by friends that would find humor in something as simple as impromptu eye contact. The chilling idea of not belonging started out in seventh grade when my best friend at the time called me at approximately seven o’clock each night. We would speak every day, but instead of her telling me about her crush of the week or the news about Justin Bieber that day, she told me about her family problems and she’d listen to my advice on how to deal with her newly divorcing parents. I turned her tears of sadness into tears of joy for weeks on end. Every call, video chat, and after school play date were all centered around making her happy by doing the things she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. After a few rough months, her parents came to the realization that they loved each other and decided that they didn 't want to continue with the divorce. Still by her side, I sat with my best friend every day at lunch and listened to her every problem, issue, and dilemma until the bell would ring. As usual, we would finish classes and go home…

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