Essay on My First Year Of High School

817 Words Apr 15th, 2016 4 Pages
My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believe in me and never gave up on me. My father saves the memories of my success and failure, and swallows the key to my heart. Daddy helped me make the most important and beneficial decisions so far in my life by being supportive, sharing his experience, and being a wonderful listener. Through my challenging obstacles and confusion between “A” and “B”. George never disappoints me. I remember my first year of high school, I knew I needed to develop a plan for college and my career. Daddy haven’t attend college, but by his surroundings and coworkers he tends to know way more than I did. He made sure I apply to something I’d love and enjoy to do. Reading and social activities always interest me, so daddy suggests Social Psychology. By taking his suggestion for consideration, I researched more about it and it fit me perfectly. Being an honor student in high school, there were many classes I struggled in. With daddy on my side, anything is possible. My father sacrifice many things in order to provide help, because failure was not an option. There’s one thing my father does great, and that’s calming me down. For example, my mother and I never saw eye to eye, yet she always blames me for her mistake as if I was her mistake. Suffering from Minor Depression, searching for the inner me wasn’t as easy as many people would expect. I ran to daddy every time I felt less of myself, but nobody understood but daddy.…

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