My First Year Of College Essay

1052 Words Dec 26th, 2016 5 Pages
Since I was ten-years-old, I’ve been homeschooled. Well, I was cyber schooled, which means I could longue around in pajamas all day long and take tests over the computer and call it a day. Pretty sweet, right?

Students say their first year of college is an interesting experience. They’re away from their parents and siblings for the first time, they have a taste of freedom – its every teenagers dream. But when you’ve been homeschooled, it’s a whole different world, and you’ll be in for a rude awakening. Here’s what everyone else doesn’t tell, or think to tell you.

You’re going to have to get up every day at a scheduled time and make yourself presentable. My school program was self-paced, which meant that I could log into BlackBoard any time and take my tests whenever I pleased. I didn’t have to set my alarm, or get up and get dressed every day. I could crawl out of bed at noon and brew my coffee and lay in bed and take my test in my underwear if I pleased. Not that I haven’t shown up to some of my exams in my pajamas (and have gotten both approving and judgmental looks), but I’m sure the whole showing up in your underwear won’t fly with the professors.

You’re going to have to talk in classes. I’m in my junior year and I still struggle. Some teachers are understanding (especially if you pull them aside and talk to them or shoot them an email) but I’ve had some professors dock points from my participation grade because I was shy and didn’t participate as much in group…

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