Essay about My First Year Into The New School

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It was my second year into the new school and I was entering the fourth grade. I was hoping that I would get the same teacher my sister had because he was fun and was more like a grandpa then a teacher. When it came time to meet the teachers at "Back to School Night" I was looking forward to meeting him. But, to my surprise he was not there and that 's when I found out he had retired. I was really bummed out because I was looking forward to having him as a teacher. I was assigned to another teacher who had the reputation of being very strict. School was already hard enough for me and having a strict teacher was not something I was looking forward to.
As school began, at first she seemed to be alright, but as time went on she became stricter and very disciplined. There was homework assigned every day and if we didn 't write everything all down in the time she allowed them to be on the board, you missed out. She either thought you had plenty time to write things down or thought you were playing around and not paying attention. I remember how that stressed me out because I had difficulty completing this task at times. Copying things from the board to my paper gave me anxiety I really couldn’t fully explain at the time. Overtime she just became stricter and well... just mean. I always did my best to keep up but it was hard and honestly a little overwhelming. It was difficult to stay focused with all the different subjects and the amount of information I had to process. She…

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