Essay on My First Time Working At Summer Camp

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My First Time Working at Summer Camp Working a summer camp is something that is different from most other work. Summer camp is like a home away from home because everybody treats each other like family member. When I started working at summer camp I had gone to a program one year before called c.i.t (counselor in training) which helped me with finding where I wanted to work for the next year of summer camp. That first year of summer camp helped me form bonds with some of the staff member that allowed me to go back and work two years after that. Back in 2013 I worked at a Boy Scout summer camp for the first time with Josh Thompson and Zach Weaver. We all worked in a program called Brownsea which is a first year scout program. The program is meant to get all new scouts in boy scouts to get up to first class rank which is the third rank that a scout can get. As part of the program the scouts can go on a five-mile hike and can sleep out under the stars. However, that is the one big thing they do during the week, then there are multiple other things they do over the course of a week. But most of this is what happens after the counselor set up all of camp.
During setup week we put all the campsites and all of the program areas up as well. There are 16 campsites that each have anywhere from three to twelve tents that are made out of canvas that weigh a good 50 to 60 pounds rolled up. Setting up these tent take about five minutes apiece to set up even with three people doing it.…

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