Essay My First Time - Original Writing

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Being part of the generation who grew up watching Fast and the Furious films has always made me want to drive a car. At that time I knew I still had a while before I could drive, but any chance I got to be in the driver seat I would. My first time I ever got behind the wheel was right after I watch the fast and the furious in 2001. It was during the summer, my mom was washing her car and according to her “I accidently locked myself inside and somehow I managed to turn the car on and started backing up the car.” My mom was so scared she started yelling “put the car on park” “put the car on park” but I had no clue what she meant. My neighbor came to rescue and started to push the car forward while my mom unlocked the car and turned it off. I knew I did something wrong so I stopped getting behind the wheel. Fast forward 10years to 2011 Fast Five came out, I was still eager drive but now I was old enough to start learning to drive. Learning to drive isn’t just getting behind the wheel, you need to take classes, get a permit, and practice and that is what I did.
My first step was to complete a driving education course. I was still able to take the course at school and since it was it was something I was interested in, I was usually the first one in the class. I was able to learn to the basic skills of how to be a safe and responsible driver. I was able to complete the class a few days after I turned 15½. The second and most important part before driving was having a driver…

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