My First Time At The Art Institute Essay

1695 Words Oct 24th, 2016 7 Pages
My first time at the Art Institute went better than I anticipated. My friend went with me and we had a great time. We started off with Folk Art and then went to European Art. We ended up in the Doctrine and Devotion exhibition, and it was really interesting how the religious art from different parts of the world such as, Germany, France, Italy, and Peru were very similar to each other. I thought it was pretty cool how art can be very similar, when it comes to the same themes even if it has to do with two completely different artists, from different places, and from very different cultures. I think that if I would have gone to the Art Institute before taking Art Appreciation, I would probably have had a completely different perspective on the art. I don 't think I would have paid that much attention to the style, texture, format, or size. Even though it’s only half way through the semester, I already feel that I have learned a lot about interpreting art and thinking outside of the box. I was able to reflect on class discussions and use that to dissect the different works of art at the Art Institute. When we got to the Napoleon exhibition, I was actually really surprised at myself for being able to notice the difference in paintings with oil from those with pastel. I remember saying to myself, “Why does this look different than the previous one?” Once I read the descriptions I was able to see that it was pastel where as the previous one was oil. To me, noticing the small…

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