My First Steps By Joining A Tundra Trot Club Essays

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When I was growing up, I was taught and motivated to understand the concepts of education and explore the endless possibilities that are offered through it. In the same way, I have been motivated to learn about the history of the world as it provides me a better image and understanding of a culture, a town, and in some cases, an individual. Also, I always wanted – in fact very badly wished – to travel the world, do something for the greater good, be someone more than a girl who comes from a small town of about 900 people in the middle of nowhere. I was always so curious about the outside world, I wanted to learn and meet new people. So this creates a good mix: to travel and learn. And to say the truth, it was no doubt not impossible; it just required a hard work and determination.

I started out my first steps by joining a Tundra Trot club in my school, which its very objective was to promote healthy living to students by having short and long distance running competitions. I continued my traveling journey while I was a high school student by being involved in extracurricular activities which led to trips for hockey tournaments, regional summer and international winter games, educational trips with the Students On Ice to Antarctica, Torngat Mountains National Park with the kANGIDLUASUk Student Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for UN Meeting for Sustainable Development with Students On Ice Delegation among many others.

Since then, I have been interested in traveling and…

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