My First Reaction At Karla 's Case Essay example

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My first reaction in regards to Karla’s case was that of an emotional one. My heart goes out to Karla. She is going through a very hard time and really needs our help. I feel bad for her and want to help her in anyway that I can. My thought that we need to approach Karla to see if she wants to do a DNA test to find out who the father is and ask if she wants to bring charges against her step-father. My opinion is that we need to provide Karla with all of her options and support her with whatever decision she believes is best. I feel that we need to refer her to different resources (such as a clinic for women who have been assaulted) so that she is well supported for the journey ahead. I will keep my emotions, reactions, and opinions from affecting my work by acknowledging them and maybe consulting with a fellow supervisor to process it out. This situation has lead to the meeting resulting in emotions running high and conflict without the team. To address the comments, I will first get everyone’s attention so that they are focused on me. I need to rein everyone in so that the meeting does not become a shouting match as to what needs to happen with Karla’s case. It would probably be good to let each person explain why they feel strongly about what needs to happen with Karla, while making sure the rest of the group is being respectful and listening. I will also address the statements individually and make it so that it is a group discussion as to why that may or may not be a…

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