My First Experience With Music Essay

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I have always been fascinated with music. It amazes me that music can take a person out of their ordinary life and place them in a world of their own imagination. It amazes me that people have collaborated over time to create this beautiful form of expression. Music is just a relaxation for frustrating minds. For me, it is precisely the thrill and excitement of being taken on a musical experience.
I remember my first experience with music was my mother singing lullaby for me during nap times when I was in Pakistan. That tune has followed me throughout life to this day. It was a magical song that took me on a journey, even as a child and formed the person I am today. Ever since that initial impression became solidified in my imagination many years ago, music has become a form of release for me. Even if I am having the most stressful day of my life I can turn to music and all my problems dissipate.
My mother used to bring me a musical toy to play with it. It was a mobile toy that has so many music. Those tunes used to fascinate me. I and my younger brother was crazy about musical toys because musical toys made us happy and made us to dance with them. When I was 10 years old, I remember I was even crazier about music. I used to play Bass wood in Urdu its call “Dhool” with my hand in weddings. When I play Bass wood I just enjoy the environment I forget what people going to think about me, I just got into that tune and enjoy. People dance to that tune and sing traditional…

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