My First Ever Professional Career Essay

1353 Words Oct 29th, 2016 6 Pages
After graduating and beginning my first ever professional career, I am finally sitting back and evaluating what my future goals would be. Having tutored and being teachers’ assistant for different groups of college students for more than three years, a career in teaching posted less of a challenge for me to overcome. Because most of my students were refugees and non-native English speakers, I did have to innovate daily on how to communicate and endow my knowledge to students. That being said, my past three months have been a wonderful, interactive and educational experience. I understand that my teaching is doing impacts on my student on a daily basis, however, I do not find teaching fulfilling enough to be my ultimate career. My past experiences of some medical emergencies have made me seek medical knowledge and for the ability to implement them. I wish to be able to provide medical assistance to both the old and the young across the lifespan. The moment of uncertainty when I was sitting by a person with a heart attack, and the feeling of helplessness when I saw my student bleeding on the ground have pushed me to seek to become a family nurse practitioner.

In August, Margaret Long Wisdom High School had free vaccination event for staff members. After receiving my vaccination shot, I talked to the pediatric nurse practitioner who was working at the school clinic. We talked about the ups and downs of our careers, about stories like how Tuberculosis had previously broken out…

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