My First Day Of School Essay

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First Day of School in America
I face challenges everyday in my life. My family and I moved from Cuba in July 2011, two weeks before I was supposed to start High School. We moved here because of my dad’s work, he is a pediatrician and he had better opportunities here. My mom wasn’t sure about moving here, she didn’t want to leave our country, our house and her parents, and I just didn’t care about it, since I was too little to think that going to another country was going to make a really big difference in my life.
With the past of the days I started to realize that I was missing my family, my friends and even the food over there. I really wanted to go back and I haven’t even wanted to start school. I got 9 shots just to get ready for school, and I basically almost died that day. We went to buy uniforms and I didn’t like them at all. A week before school was about to start I went to take a test; I guess it was just to let me know that I didn’t know English at all.
The night before the first day of school I couldn’t even sleep. I wasn’t ready for this new experience. I finally fell asleep. “Today is the day”, said my mom. I smiled and pretended to be excited about my first day of school, but at the same time I was really scared. My heart beat was going really fast and I was sweating. I had too many things going on inside my mind, the airplane, the bright lights, people talking a different language; everything was too big for a 13 year old who had just moved to America…

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