Essay on My First Day Of My Sophomore Year

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Coming face to face with a challenge in life is inevitable, but sometimes to overcome that particular challenge, one cannot let the situation be greater than they are. There are always steps to obtaining your goal. These steps may vary depending on the person setting them, or the situational setting they are in. I find this method the best way to overcoming a challenging task because I am able to lay out step by step how I want to accomplish the task. Other people may not use this method but the most important part is to persevere over the adversity and never give up. I have learned over time that the feeling of accomplishment through hard work and dedication is substantially better than the feeling of “just getting through” in life.
The first day of my sophomore year in highschool was arguably one of my favorite during that four year period. I was fifteen at the time and I remember getting a ride from my friend Charles to school. We have been best friends since the first grade and now we’re about to start our sophomore year together. Once we got to school, we immediately searched for our group of friends. About ten minutes later, the bell rang to go to the first period and Charles and I had our first class together, which was P.E. The class went by relatively quick and then I had to head off to second period. Looking at my schedule, I saw it was time for Spanish III. I felt excited about this class because I speak spanish with my parents and friends, so I thought that the…

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