Essay on My First Day Of My Life

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When I was a young girl, I begged and pleaded my mom for a phone. "But mom, everyone has a phone," I told her. She always told me that it didn 't matter what everyone else had, I was not them. That always bothered me because I obviously knew I was not them. The rule in our house was that when my siblings and I turned sixteen we would get a phone. Both my siblings already had phones, and it felt like an eternity before I would turn sixteen and receive one. On my thirteenth birthday on November 19th I was gifted the phone I wanted. I unwrapped the little pink box and inside was a blue Samsung Intensity II with a slide keyboard. At that moment, I felt as if it was the best day of my life. The rest of the party I began texting my friends and telling them that I got a phone. I did not even realize that I had been detached from the rest of my family he rest of the part, all I could think about was my new phone. Upon obtaining my cellphone came a few rules: no texting after ten o 'clock, no phone at the dinner table, and the most important rule of all: do not let the phone get in the way of family time. My mom sternly told me these rules and I promised I would be able to follow them. A few months later, I began to become addicted to my phone. The only thing I wanted to do was text. I was never in the moment with my family and the situations around me. It became a real problem. My mom warned me several times that I needed to cut back on the amount of time I was spending on…

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