My First Day Of Every Semester Essay example

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Setting my foot on to Santa Ana’s campus ground the first day of every semester all I could think about is what kind of person I want people to view me as. Entering my classes, most of my classmates have the idea of knowing who they are as a person leaving me to ponder on the idea of what kind of greatness do I want to leave behind. I was raised to look up and learn from the people that are better than me in school and in life. However, I wanted to be that person for my siblings or even the stranger that I have just met. Granted, not long ago, my mother went to a better place and she left behind a pretty picture of who she was as a person in my mind and the people that she once knew. It gave me the thought of striving to be the person she once was. I am growing up each and every day and the one thing I want to leave behind in the future is the image of me being the person who spread goodness in order to bring happiness to others. My mother would always give away all the loose change she has in her bag and every time I would complain and tell her not to do so. I was a middle school student then. Over time, I grew to understand why my mother did the things she did; being kind is different to everyone, to my mom is giving away what she thinks can help others and to not mind the negative comments. By the time I started working, seeing the sight of homeless people at street corners or at the door of supermarkets, I would give away my loose change to make their day. Like…

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