My First Day Of Class Essay

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This was not the first time me and Jose had talked before, or met in general. We first talked the second day of class, we found that we had a mutual liking too many things. As I began the interview he would not tell me too much about himself, he would keep it short and sweet, so I had to figure out something 's about him. I learned that Jose liked to be called rocky so I started calling him Rocky, so I sometimes call him rocky instead of Jose. I began to ask my first question, I noticed we both looked eager to hear and answer mutually. What school did you go to, and what type of environment did you grow up in? He said “I goto Manuel the School of Arts in the ghetto, in La south central, the environment is okay, drive bys sometimes occur on my block. Back in my old school people used to put my self esteem down, but I never fought.” “Mom wanted me to go to school, my dad was always working, but they both made time for me and was there for support”. Some of my older siblings went to college, so I figure I’d go.” He told me that he had an older sibling that went to college. I then asked Jose what had more impact school life or, life at home? Equally impact, they both had the same impact, but I learned more from school than I did at home, But my mom taught me what she could. “I had a sister and brother who could help me, my parents are too busy, and didn’t know about school stuff.” He said His sister helped him sign up for things like the Sat. She also helped…

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