Essay about My First Day At College

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My first day at college
Can you trust the first impression? whether it is deceptive, and maybe vice versa - the most correct? To these questions no one can give an exact answer. Here, as they say, it all depends on the person, on the nature and degree of development of intuition. Someone at a glance, to assess any phenomenon, and someone does not like to draw hasty conclusions. Perhaps I 'll take myself to the last, and I would say that the first impression I often deceiving. Although in exceptional cases it may not even arise. By virtue of whether anxiety or fear of the unknown, or maybe kakih-to and other reasons, the same first two days of a student 's life, for example, take place, as in a fog, when it still seems that you normally come to school, but while everything around is so new and not entirely clear. We need more time to get used to the idea that you 're entering a new phase of his life. So while I 'm just waiting for a very nice and bright impressions from study and just hope it is here to find his vocation.

Meet interesting people, different situation, new opportunities and hobbies - this life was revealed to me when I came to the first of September in Omsk State University.
When I entered the specialty "Philology", in my mind was the share of doubts about whether I made the right choice. But from the first day I realized that nothing was wrong. Faculty atmosphere is so has to imagine that from the first minute you feel like home.
When did the training…

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