My First College Writing Class Essay

1019 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
Upon my entry into English 1010-02, my first college writing class, I expected to breeze through the course with an easy-A and minimal effort after my successful completion of AP English 11 this past year. I began the year with the utmost confidence in my writing abilities, and believed that my skills were above par. It wasn’t until I received my score on the essay evaluation for my First-Week Essay- a measly five out of twenty- that I realized that this was not the case. At first, I was astonished that my seemingly exceptional writing skills had not earned me the A that I believed I deserved. However, as time went on I came to the realization that I had not put in nearly enough time or effort into the paper to receive more than a C at most. This epiphany helped me recognize that I could not be successful in this course if I did not strive to always perfect my writing abilities, start to incorporate textual evidence, take a stronger stance, and manage my time wisely. After my completion of AP English junior year, I felt better than ever about my writing. Although it is okay to be confident in your skills, I entered this year with a sense of satisfaction and no desire to take my writing abilities to the next level. Due to this lack of ambition, I haphazardly threw my first week essay together and genuinely thought my teacher would be in awe over my skills- as I was only a senior entering a college course. When I received my grade, I was shocked to see that I had been placed…

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