Advanced Placement Course Reflection

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It was the end of my sophomore year and class registration was available to students. I heard from my previous classmates that advanced placement courses help you better develop and understand your writing. My essays were nothing but words on a page. It was weak in style and flow. However, I was hesitant to register for advanced placement courses, specifically English composition. The need for a change came when I realized I needed more attention in my writing. After hearing from my classmates about the course, I knew I needed to enroll. The fear of not comprehending and understanding the material in the class weighed heavy. My confidence was low but my drive was significant. I contacted the advanced placement Teacher Dr. Wiggins and explained my situation. She was very encouraging and supportive, and at that moment, I knew she could improve my skills as a writer. My motive is to improve my writing skills as a student and as a person in order to apply it in college and the workforce. At the time, my ability to understand and develop my writing was inadequate. Through Dr. Wiggin’s assistance, she helped me grow and develop my writing style into something I am proud of today. Summer passed and …show more content…
The end of the semester was arriving and a final exam was to be taken. The assignment was not just a multiple choice test like every other class, it was an essay. At this point, my writing matured but not to where I want it to be. As she explained the essay, my fear of writing came rushing back. All my emotions from the previous months came at a glance. Dr. Wiggins could tell by my facial expressions that I was worried. Once class was over she called me over to her desk and spoke to me. Her faith towards my writing was very inspirational. She reminded me of how much I have prepared for this moment and gave me an extra boost in confidence. All of a sudden, my fear went away and I felt motivated and

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