My First Causal Thought Is A Visual Image Of God Essay

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If I think of an image of God, my first causal thought is a visual image of God the Father. I would picture that God is someone like a Moses or Noah type figure. I do not believe that God is human like in appearance but that is my initial thought. There are times I imagine God is like a cloud but this cloud covers the entire earth. It is as if my view of God is he must have eyes like us in order to know what is going on with everyone. I believe he is all knowing and all-powerful yet I still consider that God must view the world with x-ray type vision to know what everyone is doing at all times. I believe God knows everything so of course he does not have to see everything to know each of us. This is a contradiction in my views but this is due to applying anthropomorphic qualities to God when I know that he is not human. I do apply the male image to God and say He most times because of my perception of human like qualities. These views are influenced by the image and life of Jesus. This may explain many of my human like visions of God. I do separate the Trinity into three ways of being when I consider an image. I explained earlier my view of God the Father. For Jesus, I have the typically portrait image of man with long brown hair and a beard. I imagine a literal view of him in heaven as seated at the right hand of the Father as described in the Apostles’ Creed. Jesus is the human form of God. This image of God is clear to me because of his human appearance. I cannot think…

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