My First Car - Original Writing Essay

952 Words Feb 9th, 2016 4 Pages
It was a warm quiet night and I was just getting ready to leave my job so that I could go and purchase the thing that I had been wanting for many years. I was really excited while I was walking home although it was dark and the street was very dull. As I got home from my creepy walk, I waited for my friend Sam to come over my house. I had been saving my money for a long period and it was time to buy my first car. My friend was an excellent mechanic and I wanted him to fully inspect the car that I would be throwing my money to. After a long period of time, my Sam shows up and we were off to a city in Michigan called Clio. It was going to be a long painful drive and I had to prepare myself. Sam and I stopped off near a local gas station to purchase food and drinks for the long drive.
While we were less than thirty minutes into the drive and suddenly our navigation system turns off and goes bad immediately. I had a heart throbbing feeling and started to get a bad idea about our little trip. Even though I didn’t believe that Sam knew where he was going yet he seemed to have it all under control and wasn’t worried a single bit. Suddenly, a loud booming noise came from the rear side of the truck and we started to slow down. we pulled over near the side walk and got out of the vehicle. We then realized that there…

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