Essay on My Financial Goals For 2015

1002 Words Sep 7th, 2015 null Page
One of my financial goals for 2015 would be to invest in a savings account. Why? because as I saw on the Documentary On, “Poor Kids” I noticed that most parents didn 't own a savings account or never even thought of making one as well as the Film; “Inequality For All”, one lady was asked how much money she had on her savings account and she had no clue what to say because she didn 't bother to invest in one and her husbands replied; “Theres No Point Of Having One”. First off all I think thats complete nonsense because why wouldn 't you want to invest in a savings account? just in case you went bankrupt, or god forbid you lost your job how will you take care of your family? you can at least take out money from that savings account until you can find a steady job again. Its all about being prepared for the inevitable. Jobs are prone to come to an end either your quitting or your getting fired because the way the economy is changing theres no way that your assure a steady job because today or tomorrow you could lose that job younger know what will happen or what will be next on your book.
My Second Financial Goal is to buy my own house and not be in debt with credit card or any type of rent etc. this way i own my house and I am free to pay just electricity, water, Bills and no rent,etc. There are also great advantages such as privacy. Homes typically increase in value. Your costs are predictable and more stable than renting because they’re ideally based on a fixed-rate…

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